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ACE Project in Loveland

The biggest news in our little town of Loveland is probably the ACE Project.  The Reporter Herald does a pretty awesome job of keeping up with this project.  It’s been 1.5 years since I first heard of this project and the old HP Site is still mostly vacant, but I’m sure any day now…

On the one hand that’ll mean more traffic on Taft Ave, a key throughfare for me to the I-25 , Eisenhower Ave and downtown Loveland, but it’s 7,000 jobs and housing values are likely to go up.  So if I ever decide to sell mine it’ll hopefully mean a few more bucks.  Also if it does give my wife that full-time job she wants so much, great; right now she’s a seasonal employee at Jackson Hewitt doing taxes, but anyone want to hire an Accountant/Financial Planner? 

I hope it matures into so much more in Loveland though.  We have a lot of things that high-tech industry could use, such as:

  1. Low utility rates, want to build a big ol’ electricity sucking datacenter?  I’d propose right here
  2. Lots of cheap, open land
  3. Educated workplace, between CSU Fort Collins and CU Boulder we are served well
  4. Low taxes, Colorado Taxes are a flat 4.63%, try and beat that back in California.  Loveland adds a nominal amount for sales tax (if you plan on selling something).
  5. Low property taxes, my lil’ house just got assessed for $860 on a quarter acre lot…I’ve known people get hit for far worse.

So what are you waiting for people, move on up!

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