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My SharePoint Next Version Wish List

Ok so SharePoint 2013 is settling in a bit, let’s open up the wish list for SharePoint’s next version shall we?

1) Great job with managed metadata and navigation.  However let’s make it truly universal, allow multiple site collections to connect to managed Metadata without prompts that it is already being used.

2) Add some additional controls for a page that are native to SharePoint.  I’d love to see something along the lines of a JQuery-UI like tab control that has tabs trimmable by the permissions as set up.  Or just use the JQuery-UI Tabs for this, modifying the JavaScript behind the scenes for better SharePoint functionality. Do similar stuff with Accordion Controls, etc.

3) Get back to the basics with search.  It’s too complex to set up as is now, and most people will use 1% of its functionality.  Stick with the current engine, but think about engineering an “Easy” mode where the basics are pre-configured, all I have to do is create a service app, set a crawl schedule and I’m good to go.

Any suggestions from the crowd?

Tags: SharePoint

  • Max Melcher (@MaxMelcher)   /   November 23, 2013., 2:42 pm

    Hey Bandit, I love to write wishlists for the next version - that helps me sharpening "what is missing" or "what could be better". I like your points - but I disagree with 3. Search is easy - Farm config, next next - and it works. I would go so far - search is not that far as it could be. Cheers & so long! Max